Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services are based on gaining a full understanding of our Client’s requirements in order that we are fully aware of not only technical requirements, but also business and culturally specific needs which can then be developed into a formal plan.


  • How Imagine VOIP Can Help You Start Wholesale or Calling Card Business

  • Five Steps to Starting Wholesale or Calling Card Company

  • Advantages Of Owning Your Own Calling Card System

Looking for information on how to start a calling card business? You have come to the right place!

Starting a calling card business is probably easier than you think. Imagine VOIP provides the best and easy solution that you need in order to start your wholesale or calling card business within a matter of days.

What is a Calling Card Business?

A Calling Card business is a popular kind of activity in the VoIP sphere. The Calling Card platform allows one to provide subscribers with  international or long distance calls via a VoIP network. This business sector is attractive for VoIP newcomers. Nowadays, Internet telecommunications services are highly developed. Lots of applications are available for making calls but due to calling cards, customers can make calls from any phone so it is not necessary to have Internet connection for making calls. That’s why the Calling Card business has remained popular so far.

How does it work?

There are two diferent types of calling cards: PIN based calling cards and PIN less calling cards. In both cases the subscriber has to buy your calling card for making calls, dial an access number (or DID) from his phone (mobile, fxed, softphone) and follow the IVR. The access number is shown on the calling card.

In the case of PIN based models the PIN code is also shown on the calling card. The subscriber must enter the PIN code. If the authentication is successful, the system announces the current balance and the customer dials the destination number. In the case of PIN less calling cards the customer directly dials the destination number (via ANI authorization) after dialing the access number.

Components of a Calling Card business:

 Preparation of a special business environment for setting up a Calling Card business includes:

  • Hardware equipment;

  • Software;

  • International routes suppliers.

Making Money

Let’s research how to make money in a Calling Card business. Providers get profit from the margin between buying and selling prices but it is necessary to take into account other expenses such as card printing, distributor’s fee, etc.

 You don’t only get profit from higher rates per minute. There are diferent subscriber fees. Here are a few things to consider:

  • activation fees (charges when subscriber uses the calling card for the frst time);

  • connection fees (charged at the beginning of each call);

  • maintenance fees (charged after a defned period of time, for example every week, every day, etc)

Key Benefits of the Service

Do you need a highly-scalable telephony solution for your business, no worries we can help you.

Our consulting services include:

  • Addressing your system requirements
  • Identifying technical, installation, operational or support issues
  • Providing a summary of potential VoIP initiatives
  • Highlighting business benefits you can receive

Contact with our one of expert consultant who will take care your business and will provide appropriate solutions.

Are you worried about business investment? We will give you exact figure of your investment then you will not waste your money.

It is necessary to monitor your live traffic.

In market lots of soft switches which are very costly, but we will offer you very cheap and cost effective price.

Are you still worried about something else? just contact with us, we will help you.