Wholesale Termination

Wholesale Termination

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)  is one of the most important inventions, which revolutionized the world of telecommunications, making it more sophisticated and up to date. The mission of   VoIP  is to enable affordable and effective communication in all spheres of our life, the proof of the above mentioned is the rapid penetration of this telephone system into different industries, governmental institutions, enterprises of different sizes and etc.

Wholesale VOIP Services

Wholesale VoIP (or VoIP Wholesale) is a service which is provided by wholesale carriers to other service providers and deals with start-ups, as well as additions or extensions to their networks. VoIP wholesale providers usually negotiate costs with countries, they also set profit margins and resell to VoIP services, as well as provide low-cost, offer toll-free and hosted PBX phone systems, 24/7 support solutions and handle wholesale origination and termination. Today wholesale VoIP companies work with carriers who provide services to small and medium enterprises. By catering to carriers, wholesale VoIP companies focus on offering huge cost savings while providing customers with high-quality service.

Our Wholesale Services

We are a leading wholesale VoIP provider in the market, is dealing with around 100 vendors from different parts of the world, including Europe, Middle East, North America and Africa. The popularity of the company is growing, as it provides high-quality wholesale VoIP termination services at the lowest rates and most favourable prices. Imagine VOIP offers the customers a wide variety of services, such as dialer, Business VoIP, SIP trunking and VoIP Switch with dedicated server, as well as four wholesale VoIP routes: Standard, Premium and Dialer routes.


Our wholesale VOIP Services offer high quality performance, we offer A to Z  destinations with guaranteed CLI.

  • Guranteed CLI routes

  • Competitive Price

  • Free Test Account with $2

  • Price Negotiable for Wholesale Traffic

  • Technical Support 24×7.

We help companies to provide quick technical support, targeted rates, best solutions as well as strategic and operational improvements to understand market situation.

We help clients to offer their target rates or competitive rates with stable tier 1 quality for their valuable traffic

You can contact with us via email 24/7.

We work with companies to develop a series of positive interactions with the customer to earn their advocacy and inform consistent delivery of experiences to drive top-line growth.